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There’s Room to Grow

How Peter Hale, director of The Agency of Paranormal Disputes, becomes an alpha when saving his partner.


Stiles decides to plant a new tree by the Nemeton stump.

Rules of the Site:

I write, draw, and create manips because I enjoy the process and the finished products. This is a place where I can share what I’ve crafted with others in hopes they will find as much joy in my creations as I do.

If you don’t like my creations, leave. I don’t want to hear about it. It’s my site and only my opinion counts.

Old Cat Lady

If you want to complain about something I missed in editing, please don’t. Be happy this is free.

Growing up, we didn’t have the internet, the nearest town didn’t have a public library I could check books out of, and the only way I got new reading material other than the newspaper or my dad’s science magazines was to go out and buy a new book at ~$6 a book. I could not afford to buy a new or uses book every day, so most of my new books were birthday and Christmas gifts.

Rejoice you have such a wide range of stories to choose from at your fingertips and don’t have to re-read the ones on your shelf. Not pointing out a typo, missed punctuation, or the occasional wrong word here or there is a small price to pay for otherwise free reading material. If you don’t agree, see the second paragraph.

Be the pleasant human beings I know you can be. Thank you and enjoy.

~West Wind

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All canon characters, settings, etc. belong to their respective owners. No copy infringement intended. I make no money from the stories or art.

The original art is mine. If you want to use a piece, please give me credit.

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