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Site under construction – please be patient

I’m playing with the website’s format and learning how to use various aspects of WordPress. So, you may see things change or move around in the future. I have added a page listing the stories alphabetically with links and moved my site rules to a page of their own. They have both been included in the links at the top of the page. 

Happy New Year!

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2022 in Review

First off, I have written over 200,000 words this year!!! I think that is an amazing accomplishment. Now that I have reached it, I feel like it is a comfortable amount for me to write in a year. We will see if I can reach it again in the next year. I participated in the…

4S – Episode 5

Tony was curious and concerned… concerned and curious. Jarvis wanted him to go to the old New York mansion – the home he had not returned to in years. He had never planned to return to it. Yet, Jarvis insisted that there was something of vital importance that he needed to see.

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